The Grant Date-Out-Of-Bounds process is used when a transaction attempts to hit a project or grant which has ended. These transactions are generally generated in external systems like SciQuest that then flow into Compass and do not hit against departmental SmartKeys. Instead they attempt to hit against the same ChartField string that the grant transactions would have hit but due to an automatic, system generated process which removes the project number and changes the fund to 1002 the ChartField string changes preventing the charges from hitting the correct SmartKey. Because these transactions use a ChartField string that does not have an associated SmartKey, they cannot be corrected by the department and must be corrected centrally.

OGCA will run a query that shows any transactions in this status. OGCA will then contact the department of the original charge to find the correct SmartKey that should be used for the transaction. A spreadsheet listing the details will be sent to the department for reference. Once OGCA receives the updated information from the departments a process will be run centrally to correct the ChartFields and send the transaction(s) to the updated SmartKey. eJournals will not be affected because the journal process will fail if the grant date has passed. **These will likely go away in January or February 2011 as most have been cleared and since UTBG SmartKeys have been established.

Each department has a UTBG SmartKey which is used for grant suspense purposes. When a grant has passed its end date, charges may hit this SmartKey. These charges can be from external system feeds or from HR. They may or may not be payroll related. OGCA will regularly run a query to see if there is a balance on any UTBG SmartKey. If there is a balance the originating department will be contacted and asked to create an RST or a journal to move the charges to an appropriate SmartKey and will receive a spreadsheet listing the detailed transactions that need to be moved.