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For many years, federal agencies have used the system for the submission of grant applications. Due to the complexities of the submission process, and the electronic validations associated with such submissions, Emory has employed the use of the Cayuse Proposals system-to-system solution. Therefore, the vast majority of proposals submitted to federal agencies should be submitted using Cayuse Proposals (or NSF's Fastlane/ system only for NSF proposals). Thus, if the application is available for submission through Cayuse Proposals, it must be submitted through Cayuse Proposals.

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However, it is the case that some applications are not available for submission through Cayuse Proposals. In these cases, the Workspace function may be used for submission. Workspace is an online system through which federal agency proposals can be developed and submitted.

Registration Requirements

Emory University is fully registered and capable of submitting applications through For applications being submitted through Cayuse Proposals, there is no requirement or provision for PI's to register with However, the individual granting agency may have PI registration requirements. Please fully review the program announcement or agency instructions for agency-specific system PI registration requirements.

For applications which are not available through Cayuse Proposals and must be submitted using Workspace, registration will be necessary for those individuals working on the development of the application, including any RAS staff assisting the PI. Those needing Workspace access should visit the Applicant Registration page for information on the steps required to register with Information on Workspace roles can be found on the Workspace Roles page.

Application Resources

The following links may be helpful when preparing an application using Workspace.