Compass only allows OGCA to invoice charges that have hit the system, been cost collected and paid (AP Vouchers only). When the Contract Billing Interface is run, the Pricing process becomes automatic. The Pricing process examines each PROJ_RESOURCE row that represents a contract line for which there are specified billing limits. If the amount on the row falls below the limit less the amount previously billed or set to be billed in this process, the row is marked BIL. If the amount on the row exceeds the limit less the amount previously billed or set to be billed, the row is marked OLT (over-the-limit). A transaction cannot be split to bill the max. Partial transactions cannot be billed.

Sample Process Flow (before any billing has been done):

  • Transactions are processed in feeder systems
  • Journal generate all to GL Actuals Ledger
  • Collect Costs from all feeder systems (so we can get detailed info vs summarized info)
  • Run GMFACS process (this the indirect cost calculation)
  • Run Revenue Recognition Process (monthly)
  • Journal Generate to GL from PC to record the indirect cost expense (acct 89810) into the Project as well as give the department the offsetting revenue (account 44210)