Project Status


  • Open Status - Anything can pass and hit the COMPASS project.
  • Ended Status - Date effective for the end date of the COMPASS project. This takes effect at 12:00 am on the last day of the project. Once the status is Ended then no new purchase orders can be created; however, invoices against a previously issued PO, cost transfers, journal vouchers and RST's can still be processed.
  • Closed Status - Unless the sponsor requires earlier close-out, Closed Status begins on the 60th day (at 12:00 am) following the last day of the project. During the period of 60-89 days (again, subject to sponsor guidelines) following the last day of the project, only journals can be processed and approved. The account can then be prepared for reporting and any final adjustments can be made.
  • Archived - this will be used when a project is closed out after all money has been received from the sponsor, all reporting requirements have been met and all clean-up is complete.

Compass will not allow charges of any type at 90 days or later following the end date.

After 90 days OGCA cannot overwrite items. Doing so requires special action; therefore, this will only be done in very rare circumstances. The process opens the project and will allow anything to hit, as well as, contributes to COMPASS data being out of sync with the agency awarded information.

The OGCA Associate Directors will determine if the request will be approved.

Project End Date Facts:

  • What is stopping the payroll from hitting the grant?
    • Compass sends the HR system the project end date (updates are messaged over real time)
    • Navigate to GRANTS > AWARDS > PROJECT to see the exact end date field that feeds over to HR.
    • The project status has nothing to do with payroll from stopping.
  • Why do I get a date out of bounds message and what does that mean?
    • This message is referencing the date within the Commitment Control (KK) Module.
    • Currently, the KK date is set to default in at the end date plus 90 days (adjusted if the sponsor has other requirements).
    • After the 90 days, nothing is allowed to hit the project.
    • For rare cases where the date may need to be extended, the Request to Unfreeze a Project form must be submitted.