SmartKey Information

Finding the SmartKey

Smart Solutions > SmartKey > Maintenance > Maintain SmartKey

Cost Share

SmartKeys will be established with the same Project ID as the original project, with a Fund Code of 2272 for projects with Cost Share. Transactions can hit that SmartKey in the same manner as non-Cost Share SmartKeys. Cost Share SmartKeys must be funded with institutional or discretionary funds. It is recommended that they be funded annually and at close. Charges to Cost Share SmartKeys are subject to the same allowability rules as the project. Only non-salary cost share should be charged to this SmartKey. Salary cost share should be captured and documented in the Effort Reporting System.

Program Income

SmartKeys will be established with a Fund Code of 2282 for projects with Program Income. Due to system configuration, these SmartKeys will have different Project IDs than the original project. Because these SmartKeys are not tied to the original project by project number, they will not show on an Award report. Each established Program Income SmartKey will have a Project Type of PGINC. The Description will contain the Award ID to which it is associated to help manage the project.

All Program Income and Interest revenue/expenses should be charged on the Program Income SmartKey. At close, any money that needs to be returned to the sponsor will be returned from this SmartKey.