Space Management

Emory documents the use of campus space in order to more accurately allocate resources and costs. This information becomes very important in order to correctly allocate costs in the F&A rate calculation.

Space Survey

The space system is used to document the demographic and functional usage on a room by room basis. The space study should be completed by individuals with first-hand knowledge of the activities performed in the rooms either by coordinating with occupants or requesting that occupants complete the functional usage section of the survey form.

Emory uses a web-based form developed by the facilities management division that uses the Emory Single Sign-on/Dept ID for access. On the left hand under applications, choose space survey and then the fiscal year. Under Building drop down, choose the appropriate building name. Information can be added by choosing room# and clicking on MORE. For each room, fill in the functional usage percents, name of PI, account information and any applicable comments. The system will not accept the entry as complete unless the functional usage totals 100%. Be sure to save your information before moving to the next room. For access, please email the Associate Director of Cost Studies.