Financial Requirements

The intent of this guidance is to:

  • Enhance University compliance with OMB Circulars A-110, A-21 and A-133
  • Enhance compliance with sponsor reporting guidelines
  • Improve the University's cash flow
  • Reduce risk of delay, loss, reduction or withholding of future funding by sponsors

The following provides general guidelines for reviewing and completing Financial and invoicing requirements for sponsored agreements. These guidelines should be followed whenever a sponsor has a financial reporting requirement or invoicing requirement. In addition, these guidelines should be followed, on a monthly basis, for all sponsored awards, even when reporting/invoicing is not required by the sponsor to ensure costs are in compliance with the sponsor's terms and conditions and Emory's policies and procedures.

The sponsor's agreement must be reviewed to determine the form/format of the report/invoice, any special terms or conditions such as disposition of interest earned, program income requirement, cost sharing requirements , rebudgeting requirements, and of course the reporting deadline. At minimum, the FSR/Invoice should include documentation of costs, documentation of cost-share, and documentation of program income if required by the agreement. The official record of expenditures is the SPP2242 report from the Compass General Ledger system.