Restricted Programs

Some agencies limit the number of applications a single institution (or components of the institution) may submit. Emory University refers to these types of programs as Restricted Programs. Agencies may vary on how they impose such a limitation, for example, limiting an institution to 1-3 applications for the entire institution, only allowing 1-3 applications per major unit or school within the institution, or by limiting the number of applications a department within the institution may submit. At Emory, the Office of Sponsored Programs coordinates such Restricted Programs.

OSP employs the following process in coordinating such programs:

  • In the months prior to a program deadline, OSP will provide an announcement summarizing the program to the appropriate units or schools within Emory. School and unit contacts then distribute such announcements to any appropriate faculty lists. These announcements outline the procedures by which interested applicants can apply, including an internal deadline for submission of required materials.
  • Application to the program usually involves submission of an abstract (often limited to 1-2 pages) as well as a biographical sketch for the program direct to an appropriate contact.
  • After the internal deadline has passed, OSP will provide all submission materials to the appropriate office(s). OSP works with the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, as appropriate, on such programs. The internal review groups are chosen by these offices based on the nature of the program.
  • Once final selections are made, OSP notifies all candidates of the outcome of internal reviews. Applicants should note that written feedback or summary statements are not available from such reviews.

For programs which are limited to a specific school or department, the Office of Sponsored Programs works with appropriate contacts in those units on coordination of the process.

While OSP makes every effort to proactively identify all Restricted Programs well in advance of their deadline, many new programs are added by agencies each year. Investigators and support staff who identify such programs directly should immediately contact the Office of Sponsored Programs so that the appropriate internal review process can occur. Approval for submission to such programs is not granted on a first-come, first-served basis.