Available Training

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), Controller's Office, and Research Grants and Contracts (RGC) Office have designed a training program to ensure that research administrators have access to information that will provide them with a foundation of knowledge to assist them in understanding how to appropriately administer sponsored programs at Emory Univesity. These offices provide a variety of educational opportunities related to sponsored program administration with the mission to support and enhance the administrative processes, both internally and externally, for proposals and awards. The courses offer guidance on the rules and regulations governing compliance with federal, University, and contractual sponsor requirements.

Emory uses an online system to manage both its instructor-led and online courses. (A list of courses is available at http://osp.emory.edu/trainingtools/courses/courses.html.) Register to take these courses through ELMS (Emory Learning Management System) at https://elmprod9.emory.edu/psp/elmprod9/. Instructions are provided below to assist you.
Note: We no longer distribute paper copies of training materials. Find more information and copies of instructor-led (classroom) course materials for our Pre Award specific trainings at http://osp.emory.edu/trainingtools/trainingdocuments.html

Accessing Emory's Learning Management System (ELMS)

If you're already enrolled in a course or are planning to take a course in the ELMS use the information below.

Access the ELMS and log in using your University Network ID and Password:https://elmprod9.emory.edu/psp/elmprod9/.  Go to the All Learning link to locate training that you are enrolled or planning to take:

  • Enrolled - means you are scheduled to take a class.
    • If the course is instructor-led (classroom), click the Title link and then the Schedule  link to see the date and time that you are scheduled. Click the Location link on the Schedule page to see the location of the training.
    • If the course is an online training, click the Launch button.
  • Planned - means this class is assigned to you through a Learning Plan.
    • Click the Title link for the course. Then click Enroll to either Launch the online learning or schedule a date to take the classroom training.

Registering for a Class

To enroll in a classroom activity:

  • Click on Browse Catalog
  1. Select Next
  2. Select Office of Sponsored Programs, Research Administration Services, or Finance: Grants and Contracts
  • Scroll to find the desired course and training date; then click on the Enroll link
  • Click the Home link in the top right corner of your screen, and
  • Click on All Learning link to locate your course

Launching Online Courses

To launch an online course in the ELMS:

  1. Follow the instructions above to login and navigate to your course.
  2. Click the Launch button next to the course that you registered to take.