Sponsored Programs Electronic Systems

Proposal Submission

  • Cayuse 424Cayuse 424 is available to Emory investigators for the submission of federal grant proposals. It is important to note that, while Cayuse 424 is available for roughly 97% of federal grant opportunities available in Grants.gov, there may be a few programs for which Cayuse 424 cannot be used.
  • EPEX: Emory Proposal Express (EPEX) - The purpose of EPEX is to assist in budget development, electronic routing, and institution approval related to extramural funding at Emory.
  • Proposal Central: A website shared by government, non-profit, and private grant-making organizations that provides a repository of grant opportunities.

Proposal Tracking Systems

  • Contract Tracking System: eCTS (Emory Contracts Tracking System) is an electronic contract management and tracking system that provides the status of all incoming agreements handled by the OSP Contracts unit.  It is available to all Emory faculty and staff.

  • Grant Tracking System:   An electronic grants managment and tracking system that provides the status of incoming agreements handled by the OSP Grants unit. It is available to all Emory faculty and staff.
  • Sub Request SystemAll Sponsored Contracts/Awards received by the University that require the University to acquire or procure sponsored project services from a third party in support of the University's Sponsored Research must have a Subagreement document prepared to formalize the contractual relationship between the University and the third party.
Award Management System
  • SAM: Sponsored Award Management (SAM) Kiosk -The SAM Kiosk is available for Emory investigators and research administration staff to submit prior approval and other award management related request to the OSP, DMG, and OGCA.

Other Systems

  • Effort Reporting System: For tracking and certifying effort, Emory uses a web-based system called ERS. Effort certification forms are reviewed and certified within ERS and reporting is then available from the system.