On this page you will find information to help you as you begin to prepare an application for submission to a federal agency through using the Adobe based forms. Please note that if the application is available for submission through Cayuse 424, it must be submitted through Cayuse 424 and not using the Adobe based forms which are downloaded from For information on Cayuse 424, please see the Cayuse-424 page.

Registration Requirements

Emory University is fully registered and capable of submitting applications through Therefore, DO NOT attempt to register with There is no requirement or provision for PI’s to register with The individual granting agency may have PI registration requirements. Please fully review the program announcement or agency instructions for agency-specific system PI registration requirements.

Steps to Submission

  1. Make sure that you have an approved version of Adobe Reader, or Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional. Currently the supported versions are version 8.1.1, 8.1.2., 8.1.3 (recommended), and 9.0 (recommended). Using ANY other version of the software will corrupt the Adobe application package and cause it to fail the validation process at You can download a compatible version of the Adobe Reader from If you are using a computer on campus, please check with your local IT support before installing any software.
  2. Identify the Funding Opportunity Announcement for the program to which you wish to submit. This FOA will contain the application package and instructions.
  3. Through EPEX, submit the required institutional endorsements.
  4. Transmit the electronic application file to OSP via the OSP Digital Dropbox. Only an application in final form which is ready for submission to the agency should be transmitted through the dropbox.
  5. OSP will then review the EPEX record and final Adobe application package. If we have any questions, we will work with you to resolve all issues prior to submission. After submission, if the application has validation errors, we will work with you to correct and re-submit the application prior to the deadline.

Application Resources