Emory Proposal Express (EPEX)

The Purpose of EPEX is to assist in budget development, electronic routing, and institution approval related to extramural funding at Emory.

More About EPEX

  • Provides the data necessary to record information sufficient for internal tracking and reporting purposes.
  • Facilitates the entry of Proposals in the PeopleSoft Grants system
  • Accessible to users who have security to enter Proposals into PeopleSoft from any computer
  • Each user performs his or her step in the process and can route the record on for additional processing while still maintaining access to track or support additional data or document collection

Log into EPEX at: https://compass-login.emory.edu/

Getting Access to EPEX

Emory Faculty/PI

If the certifying official is not listed, he/she has not received grants security access and access must be requested.  Obtaining EPEX access for a PI is a two step process.

Please preview the Workflow to verify that all the appropriate people are listed at the GM Certification Stage. PI eligibility is granted within 2 - 4 hours. Grants security access must be requested and can take 24 - 48 hours after eligibility has been granted.

Emory Staff/Employees

Employees are required to complete EPEX training online in ELMS. After training is complete and the assessment passed with an overall score of 80% or above, you must read the EPEX Access Agreement for employees and agree to its terms using an electronic signature in ELMS. The preferred browser is FireFox to complete the EPEX training. The training module may not work in other browsers.

Your manager must also agree to an EPEX Access Agreement for managers and use an electronic signature in ELMS. Instructions are available to assist you with completing the online training and your manager with approving access.

Non-Emory Employees

In order for someone who is a non-Emory employee to receive an Emory Network ID, they must be sponsored by a current Emory employee. Therefore, if you are an administrator in a department with faculty who have dual appointments and their SPAF has previously been completed by one of these non-Emory employees, it will be up to the departments to determine if they should receive an Emory Network ID and will be responsible for their sponsorship. In addition to receiving a network ID, they will need to complete EPEX training in ELMS, read and agree to the EPEX Access Agreement in order to get security access in ELMS. Sponsors will have to follow the managers instructions to finalize access. Instructions are available. Click this Manager Instructions link.

Emory Sponsored Accounts: http://it.emory.edu/showdoc.cfm?docid=1730

Access Request Forms