Cayuse 424

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Cayuse 424 is available to Emory investigators for the submission of federal grant proposals. It is important to note that, while Cayuse 424 is available for roughly 97% of federal grant opportunities available in, there may be a few programs for which Cayuse 424 cannot be used.

To submit those applications which cannot be submitted through Cayuse 424, investigators will use the Workspace function. Workspace has replaced the old Adobe forms kits. Workspace is an online system through which federal agency proposals can be developed. Although Workspace is available, if a federal program is available for submission via Cayuse 424, Cayuse 424 must be used. Proposals to be submitted using either Cayuse or Workspace must still be routed to OSP using EPEX.

Please note that non-federal proposals are NOT submitted through Cayuse 424. These applications should be submitted in the manner prescribed by each agency.

Access to Cayuse

OSP has worked with Cayuse to load all existing PI’s and all existing administrative users of the Compass Grants module into Cayuse. However, please note that some manual compilation of user information was necessary and it is possible that some current users were unintentionally omitted from the load files. If you attempt to log-in and are unable to do so, OSP will be able to set up a user account individually for you. To request access:

  • If you currently have access to the Grants module in Compass, please send an e-mail to with Cayuse Access in the subject line. In the body of the e-mail, please indicate your name, Emory NetID, and department. For PI access, in addition to the above information, please indicate that the individual is currently a PI in the Compass system.
  • If you do not currently have access to the Grants module in Compass, please complete the EPEX Access (for administrators), as well, as the required EPEX training or PI Eligibility form (for PI’s- PI’s are not required to attend EPEX training). Both forms can be located on the EPEX page. Cayuse access will be granted concurrently with access to Compass/EPEX.

Cayuse 424 Resources