Proposal Development

Proposal development involves the preparation, review and submission of a grant application.  There are a few questions that you will need to answer before you begin this process.

  1. Is there internal or external sponsorship for the research proposed? (See Finding Funding for more information on how to find sponsorship.)
  2. Does the sponsored require institutional support?
  3. Will the proposal require additoinal review or advance notification because an animal study, human study, or enterprise technology?

All proposals are routed through EPEX, even if they don't require signature and/or may be submitted directly by the PI.

  1. Department (PI and administrators) prepares the proposal.
  2. The proposal is placed in EPEX for review.
  3. OSP reviews the application and communicates any corrections or recommendations to the department.
  4. Department incorporates any revisions into the final version to be submitted to the sponsor.