Uniform Guidance, Emory Planning (UGEP)

Mission:  To ensure that Uniform Guidance is implemented at Emory University in an organized and thorough manner.

Responsibilities:  Teams will be responsible for evaluating the impact of proposed changes resulting from implementation of Uniform Guidance and developing plans to address impacts, as needed. They will also be responsible for the identification of impacted University policies and drafting necessary revisions of those as well as proposing a communication plan for their assigned areas.

Download the planning document here.

UGEP Steering Committee

Holly Sommers, Kathleen Bienkowski, Martha Walsh, Dean Surbey, Sharen Olson, Patricia Bauer, Diana Carter, John Work

Working Groups

UGEP- Procurement

Holly Sommers, Loette King, Wade Sanner, Evelyn Balabis, Nancy Jenkins, Rhonda Burke

UGEP – Post Award (includes Direct Costs, Closeouts, etc.)

Evelyn Balabis, Holly Sommers, Yoko Hammond, Tamara Hill, Rick Roberts, Francine Davis,

UGEP – Costing (includes DS2, Fringe Benefits, F&A, etc.)

Josh Rosenberg, Holly Sommers, James Goff, Renee Corsello

UGEP – PreAward (other than subrecipient monitoring)

Holly Sommers, Nikki Simmons, Diane Samuels, Maggie Hassan, Julianne Autrey, Ruthanne Porreca

UGEP – Subawards and Subrecipient Monitoring

Holly Sommers, Nikki Simmons, Evelyn Balabis,Diana Carter, Maggie Hassan


UGEP – Effort Reporting

Josh Rosenberg, James Goff, Rubena Bedi, Bill Lambert, Diana Carter, Roman Damena, Rick Roberts

UGEP – Equipment

Josh Rosenberg, Renee Corsello, Diana Carter, Fred Harroway, Loette King, Wade Sanner

UGEP – Communication and Education

Holly Sommers, Demetrice Bryant, Debbie Longo, Todd Polley, Melanie Lawrence, Diana Carter


Faculty Reviewers (for communications)

Carla Berg, Michael Goodman

Tentative Plan/Timeline


**Invitations sent to Steering committee
**Bring Steering Committee together


**Roles and Responsibilities documents prepared (to be provided at initial meetings)

**Draft/Send notifications/invites to teams for first meeting

**Meetings scheduled for teams/Bring all Teams together for initial introduction meetings

**Set up monthly meetings for Steering Committee for October through January with an additional meeting in March

**Set up biweekly meetings for October through January for all teams with monthly meetings in February and March (will be canceled if not needed)

**UG Communication Website goes live (will be maintained and updated as additional information becomes available)


**Expecting further clarification from OMB to start discussions/plans.

Primary Point of Contact

Holly Sommers, Assistant Vice President for Research

hsomme2@emory.edu, phone 404-727-2507