Subawards/Subcontract Requests

All Sponsored Contracts/Awards received by the University that require the University to acquire or procure sponsored project services from a third party in support of the University's Sponsored Research must have a Subagreement document prepared to formalize the contractual relationship between the University and the third party. All such Subawards/Subcontracts and any changes or modifications to subagreements must be requested electronically via Compass.

General Guidance Documents

Accessing the Subaward Request Pages of Compass

Emory is Participating in the Federal Demonstration Partnership’s Expanded Clearinghouse Pilot

The information in this section addresses specific processes related to Emory’s participation in the Federal Demonstration Partnership’s Expanded Clearinghouse pilot demonstration. The materials and processes described in this section should only be used when subcontracting with other institutions who are participating in the pilot. (List of participating institutions provided below.) Subawards or subcontracts with all other institutions should follow the policies and processes described in section for General Guidance Documents provided above.